President of the City Council

Dear Residents

Piotrków Trybunalski is our town. This is where we work, and where we fulfil our basic needs: we live here, we send our children to school, we work. So it is not irrelevant to us whether the buses in our town are on time and there is enough of them, whether the roads are well maintained, whether the level of school education is high, or whether our surroundings are properly maintained.
All this defines our everyday life, its quality and our future. Such matters have been handed over to communities, or citizens forming territorial communities, if you will. We become a member of such a community simply by living in its territory.

Since we live here and now, it is in our interest to have at least a good life in our town. We want to breathe clean air, we want to be surrounded by trees, beautiful buildings and to have as much peace and quiet as possible. We want to feel safe. This requires proper police forces and equipment for maintaining order. A community is responsible for all these issues. It is within it, within the community in which we live, that we should solve any related problems.
Whether that will be the case depends on the citizens. It is you who have direct influence on reality through your choice of the City Council. No one can be forced to utilise his or her rights. However, someone who does not use them cannot claim that someone made a decision contrary to the will of the majority, and therefore he or she does not have to follow it.
A community is a self-governing entity. Everyone has a say. The citizens have a real ability to shape what matters in their surroundings. They have an influence on the community's quality of life and on every individual.

You are welcome to participate in the life of our community.

Marian Błaszczyński
President of the City Council

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